The Fastest CDN for WordPress

The Fastest CDN for WordPress: A content delivery network is a service you can integrate with your website to deliver files, usually CSS, JS, and picture files, from data center locations closest to wherever your readers reside for increased speed and uptime functionality. 

In this informative article, we are going to have a look at BunnyCDN, a CDN solution that is cost-efficient and compatible with WordPress.

Launched in 2015, BunnyCDN is a fast yet cost-efficient CDN service based on Slovenia. It is configured over 50,000 pull zones and provides over 40,000TB worth of data each month. It gives several different CDN solutions, such as data center locations, video delivery, software distribution, and cloud storage. 

It has six data centers in Oceania, making it a reliable solution for businesses serving clients in Australia and New Zealand. 

Fastest CDN for WordPress

Key Features of BunnyCDN

  • Thirty-nine data centers – BunnyCDN’s network is composed of 39 data center locations across two continents. Most are located in Europe, North America, and Asia. 
  • User-friendly Dashboard – BunnyCDN UI is fast, easy to navigate, and nicely designed. 
  • Free SSL Certificate – A SSL certification is available from the Encrypt of Let. You may also use a 3rd party certification if you desire. 
  • Security – Along with SSL certificates and data centers that are international, BunnyCDN allows you to block users and IP addresses from state IP addresses, personalize account access by function, and more. 
  • Pull Zone Management – The intuitive UI makes it easy to configure and manage the pull zones you create. 
  • Reports – Monitor bandwidth you have served and cached as well as just how much traffic and requests you have received over a certain amount of time or real-time. 
  • Video Delivery – The network’s infrastructure utilizes data centers, a network backbone, and NVMe SSD to ensure smooth video playback. This may be used alongside BunnyCDN’s cloud storage service. Live streaming isn’t accessible at this time. 
  • Cloud Storage – There is no cost for files passed via BunnyCDN’s network, but you can store your data on its cloud storage servers at a rate of $0.01/GB per month. 
  • Custom Host Names – Add your very own subdomain as a hostname to modify the URLs for files passed via BunnyCDN’s network. A good example will be using, rather than the default version. 
  • Bunny Optimizer – A query API that allows you to deliver images faster and with less bandwidth via manipulation and optimization. Additionally, it includes minification for CSS and JS files. This feature costs an additional $9.50/month. Fastest CDN for WordPress.

Get Started with BunnyCDN

  • Let’s get started with BunnyCDN. Sign Up for 14 days Trial
Fastest CDN for WordPress
  • You’ll want to make your first Pull Zone as soon as you sign in, which suggests configuring the following choices:

Name – Your website uses the hostname; by default, also you may add a name in this area to create the hostname unique to your pull zone.

Tier – Pick which pricing plan you want to use. Pricing areas – All four price zones are permitted by default, but you can cut prices by disabling ones. 

Fastest CDN for WordPress
  • After adding the Pull Zone, you will receive you Host name, Copy the host name or you can add your custom Host name.
Fastest CDN for WordPress
  • Once done, let integrate with your site. Here, as I am using Cloudways Hosting (Get $15 FREE on Sign Up) the BREEZE plugin is pre-installed with the Cloudways and be integrated with any CDN Service.
Fastest CDN for WordPress
Fastest CDN for WordPress
  • You can verify by viewing source code.
Fastest CDN for WordPress

Final Words

Fastest CDN for WordPress: BunnyCDN is a reliable and effective CDN service that is incredibly easy to install and simpler to manage. It has grown quite a bit since it was set to compete with the many well-known names in the industry.

The organization’s cloud storage and Bunny Optimizer services make it stand out from the rest of the while other companies offer their very own versions of those services, they do not offer cloud storage alternatives or as many optimization attributes as BunnyCDN.

This company also offers probably the most cost-efficient CDN services in the industry. You may select between two different price structures. Location-based pricing provides you with access to BunnyCDN’s whole network of information centers. The Fastest CDN for WordPress.

You’re billed as little as $0.01/GB for North America and Europe requests and as Large as $0.06/GB from South Africa. The quantity-based pricing plan charges you according to the quantity of bandwidth you consume each month. Your very first 500TB is billed at a rate of $0.005/GB, your next 500TB at $0.004/GB, the next 1PB at $0.003/GB while 2PB+ is charged at $0.0025/GB.

Cloud storage, which can be an optional service, costs an additional $0.01/GB per month. Bunny Optimizer, another voluntary provider, adds $9.50/month. You can incorporate BunnyCDN with your website and try it free for two weeks.

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