How to Accelerate WordPress Site

The best way to accelerate WordPress surely is a hot topic nowadays. Luckily, there are lots of techniques that you could integrate to finish the job. Therefore, our intent here is to record every suggestion we know of this may make your WordPress site much faster.

There are many hints out there on benchmarking web site speed, and the best way to do a Google website speed test is to determine how to do WordPress optimization and accelerate WordPress. However, it’s more challenging in practice.

Some WordPress optimization plans work well on several websites but not others.

In addition to this, completing a Google website speed test is straightforward; however, to do one with precise results is another matter.

It’s crucial to accelerate WordPress because Google recommends that your website loads at least ninety percent of its content in a measly 100ms. Otherwise, your page won’t rank well, and your traffic will drop.

Therefore, & here’s a practical step-by-step guide to speeding up WordPress by performing an accurate Google website speed test and doing some WordPress optimization that will accelerate your website threefold.

But from the below points, I will be focusing on point 6, which is the use of CDN. Gradually, I will be writing a detailed post of remaining points and linking it later here.

  1. Opt for a better site hosting provider
  2. Utilize a light-weight WordPress theme / framework
  3. Reduce picture sizes
  4. Minify JS and CSS files
  5. Use advanced caching mechanisms with a plugin
  6. Utilize a CDN
  7. Enable GZIP compression
  8. Cleanup WordPress database
  9. Plugins
  10. Keep scripts to some minimum
  11. Disable pingbacks and trackbacks

How to Accelerate WordPress Site using CDN

The people who visit your website belong to several locations in the world, and the site-loading speed will fluctuate if the visitors are located far away from where your website is hosted. There are various CDN (Content Delivery Networks) that help keep the site-loading speed to a minimum for visitors from several nations.

A CDN keeps a copy of your website in various data centers located in different locations. A CDN’s primary function is to serve the web page to your visitor from the closest possible location. Cloudflare and MaxCDN are among the most popular CDN services, but costly.

Here are the two cost-effective CDN services, which costs you around less than $5/month.

  1. BelugaCDN 
  2. Bunny CDN

I have already published an article related to Bunny CDN, and you can check it out! 

Here we are going to talk about BelugaCDN. Both have their pros & cons.

How CDN Work?

Accelerate WordPress

CDN suppliers cache content within their network or from third-party systems. When a user clicks on an online website, the CDN transmits the request to the server geographically closest to the consumer without the user being aware. The CDN calculates that the server is nearest to the requestor and provides content based on those calculations.

The CDN eliminates the number of hops that a data packet must make, leading to bandwidth and increased functionality. It could also be useful in the case of an outage as content hosted on a CDN remains accessible to at least a part of the user base. 

More precisely, CDNs have been utilizing machine learning technology to enable faster load and delivery times. 

BelugaCDN accelerates your online application and saves you money. A straightforward UI and transparent pricing make it easy. Start for only $5 today! 

Features of BelugaCDN

  • Extremely easy CDN to set up and utilize 
  • Probably the most inexpensive CDNs 
  • Datacenter locations higher than average with 28 datacenters 
  • Fast SSD & Double Stack content delivery network 

It’s inexpensive for those with significant traffic needs. 

Starting from 0.01/GB, you can select a monthly plan from $5 to 500GB, $20 for 2.5TB, etc. up to $5,000 to get 1PB (that may be 0.005/GB). 

Pros in Cost: 

  • No contracts; pay monthly and stay around for long as you want. 
  • Gigabytes exceeding monthly transport package is a fair $0.01/GB. 
  • All content delivery locations are with the same constant pricing. 
  • Unlimited web sites under the same account. 

Still, thinking to integrate CDN or not? You can use 30 days FREE Trail Click Here.

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